CU Home Learning Challenges - February

Monday 08 Feb 2021 20:15pm


Each month, we will share a collection of eight different Essential Skills Home Learning Challenges, and each one will be matched to one of eight identified skills identified by Skills Builder. These are:


By completing the challenges, pupils will develop a range of essential skills but more importantly, they will hopefully begin to recognise and see the value of this too. Their skill development in all CU activity will, in time, be illustrated in their CU reports. To earn CU credits, pupils need to show you some evidence of their work (photos, video, their writing or art work for example) in completing these challenges. This can we sent via twitter, Seesaw or emailling your class teacher.


You can access the February home learning challenges by clicking on the links below:

Apprentice for the Day

Fake News

Keep Calm

Long Line Art

Not Another Walk

Share the Love

Yes Chef

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