Name Role
Andrea Carr Headteacher
Susan Crookes Chairperson
Diane Woodward Co-opted Vice Chairperson
Tony Woodward Co-opted Vice Chairperson
Karen Gillespie Co-opted
Adele Fullelove Co-opted
Tracy Booker Co-opted
Paula Cresswell Parent
Nicola West Parent
Luke Foulstone Parent
Wayne Jackson Parent
Shelby Cottam Parent
Vicky Johnson Local Authority
Tracey Hotchkiss Staff
Zoe Heath Staff


What is the role of the Governing Body


The Governing Body contains representatives of the Local Authority, elected parent representatives, elected representatives of the teaching staff, the Headteacher, and co-opted members. The Governors, through the agency of the Headteacher, have general direction of the conduct and curriculum of the school, subject to policies of the Local Authority and Government legislation.

Meetings of the full Governing Body and committees are held at least once per term; other meetings are called as necessary.


Parent Governors have a special responsibility to keep parents informed about the working of the Governing Body. If you wish to speak to a Parent Governor, they may be contacted through the school office. Minutes of the meetings are also available on request from the office.


Governors disclosure and interests

Governors meeting attendance - 2020-2021

Governors meeting attendance 2021-2022