Pupil Premium


At Angram Bank, we believe all children should be able to overcome any extra challenges they face in order to reach their potential at school. We use Pupil Premium funding to deal with the extra challenges our Pupil Premium children may face and to ensure that they are performing within age related expectations with an ambitious curriculum. 

We understand many of our children have the barriers of those classified as disadvantaged but sit just outside the threshold to be classified in this group. Because of this, our intention is for the Pupil Premium practise to sit at the heart of our school’s effort and priorities, this is when it is most effective for every child.



We have used the EEF Guide to Pupil Premium (2019), EEF Guide following COVID 19 (2020) and the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit (2018) to guide our implementation as this allows us to use evidenced-based strategies which have proven to have a positive impact on children’s outcomes.

To ensure our Pupil Premium spending is the most efficient, we use a tiered approach, which targets three areas:

1. Teaching - ensuring an effective teacher is at the front of every class by continued support and professional development for teachers, training and support for early career teachers, recruitment and retention

2. Targeted academic support - ensuring bespoke support is in place for those children who need it, this support will link to whole class teaching and could be 1 to 1 support, small group work etc.

3. Wider approaches - breaking down barriers which are non-academic, for example attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

We understand the importance of giving focus to a small number of priorities will give our children the best chance of success in our school, our 3 key priorities are outlined in our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement.

Our senior leadership team will monitor and evaluate the implementation of this through; exploring strategies that are proven to have a positive impact, supporting staff in preparing and delivering these strategies and looking at creating a sustainable support package moving forward.


We continue to document the impact of our strategies in our three year Pupil Premium Strategy Statement, this showcases evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation. This will ensure all pupils receive an education which enables them to acquire the knowledge and cultural capital they need to overcome barriers and achieve highly at Angram Bank.