Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is funding which is informed by the number of children entitled to free school meals. It is used to raise the achievement and outcomes of the pupils for which the funding is intended. The school is committed to creative and innovative solutions on how such funding can improve provision, achievement and attainment for this group of children and also improve outcomes for all its pupils. This includes using the funding to impact on the quality of teaching and learning, securing early intervention support and responsive intervention provision mapping.  It provides staff teams of expertise to help remove barriers to learning and promote engagement. The funding also provides and supports wider opportunities for children. Governors receive a termly update on the impact of the Pupil Premium and the achievement and progress of every child is carefully monitored.  The impact of the Pupil Premium spending is measured in terms of achievement against our intended outcomes for children in receipt of Pupil Premium. Raise online data is analysed each year and the progress of Pupil Premium children  forms part of our pupil progress meetings. 

The impact of the Pupil Premium allocation includes close monitoring of:

  • The attainment and achievement of pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium.
  • The progress towards narrowing the gap for this group of children.
  • How the Pupil Premium was used including the impact of interventions.    

Pupil Premium Allocation: 2013-14 £  75287
Pupil Premium Allocation: 2014-15 £107200
Pupil Premium Allocation: 2015-16 £113520
Pupil Premium Allocation: 2016-17 £113520
Pupil Premium Allocation: 2017-18 £118627
Pupil Premium Allocation: 2018-19 £107833
Pupil Premium Allocation: 2019-20 £116,160

A breakdown of this funding can be found here:  Pupil Premium Overview 2019-2020.